Low Volume Production


Why Low Volume Production

When a new product being developed in the testing phase, 1-2 samples are not enough to test, and the mold opening conditions are not met, or when the number of customized products is not large, customers often choose new and precise CNC machining in small batches. During the development of new products, small-batch production can shorten the R&D and production cycle, and use FMEA to predict the risks before mass production, which is conducive to testing market sales, and can quickly adapt to changes in customer orders and market demand, and minimize inventory and improve the flexibility of the production system.


Advantages Of Besten Low Volume Production

High precision: The precision of small batch products processed by CNC is as high as +/-0.01mm, and the finish can reach Ra1.6. It is suitable for various surface treatments such as oxidation, sandblasting, paint spraying, electroplating, polishing, screen printing, laser carving, etc.
Unlimited quantity: CNC machining is more flexible in quantity, 1~1000 pieces can be processed. We have various types of CNC machining machines (three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, imported machines) to meet customer's customized product needs.
Unlimited materials: CNC can process both metal and plastic materials. Common materials for small batch customization include: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, nickel alloy, copper, steel, etc.


Why Choose Besten 


<Professional>: There are 12 project engineer teams with more than 8 years of experience to conduct process analysis on each part, and customize an economical and reasonable process for you, allowing you to obtain high-quality products at low cost.
<Service>: Besten respects every engineer and their design results. We provide 1 to 1 technical sales staff to follow up the project for you throughout the process, helping each customer's product open the door to the market.
<Quick>: Consultation services will be responded within 2 hours, prototypes or parts will be quoted within 2-4 hours, small batch production will be quoted in 4-8 hours, sample production will be 1-7 days, and small batch production will be 3-15 days.
<Offer>: Besten provides small-volume samples for free, and you can contact our sales staff for specific exemption policies.


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