Focus on our Prototyping & Production Capabilities

Besten is a custom prototype manufacturing company,we have specialized in rapid prototyping industry more than 10 years. Our main business included:custom prototype machining,rapid prototyping,cnc manufacturing,prototype machining,prototype cnc machining,sheet metal machining,3D printing and other business, we have professional engineer team and after-sales team to support you all the time.

5 advantages for you know us:

1.Cost effective and quality guarrantee
30%-50% price lower than UK/USA and strictly quality checking before the delivery  
2.Fast turning and short lead time 
120 skilled manufacture engineers and 100 sets CNC machines 
working on 24 hours  
3.One stop shop and strictly keep NDA
From the programming,CNC machining to finally post finish Besten all can meet and strictly follow the NDA,never share the design without allow.
4.Professional and friendly service 
All the engineers have more than 10 years industry experience and project managers have professional training and assessment before the job.all the sales can freely English talking for all the require details .

CNC Rapid Prototyping

Sheet Metal Prototyping
Apply the latest CNC rapid prototyping technologies to meet your design challenges and will work with you to validate and improve new product designs, functional testing and engineering validation. Our rapid prototyping services include CNC prototyping, plastic prototyping, vacuum casting, sheet metal prototyping and prototyping post finish.Learn more. 

Custom sheet metal prototyping services provide a fast and cost-effective solution to your project. Services include bending, stamping, and cutting standard gauge metal for prototype and low-volume production. Sheet metal fabrication produces durable end-use metal parts with a wide range of materials and post finishes to meet your specifications. The processed raw materials included stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, brass, etc.Learn more. 
Rapid Tooling(Vaccum Casting)

Metal Prototyping
Combining traditional injection molding with our rapid tooling capabilities allows us to quickly and economically produce custom low-volume injection molded parts. At the same time, we take a proactive approach to injection molding projects, providing cost-effective and rationalized advice on design, materials, production processes, manufacturability, and more. Based on your project goals and expectations, determine your best production path for your mold life.Learn more. 

High-precision processing equipment is the guarantee of precision metal prototyping. Here Bessten existing processing equipments included: three-axis CNC machining center, four-axis CNC machining center, five-axis CNC machining center, CNC lathe, wire cutting, EDM, precision small diameter inner hole grinding , Ordinary size lathes, milling machines, brazing and wind welding and other ancillary equipments. Metal prototyping service are widely used in aviation, railway, automobile, electric power, medical equipment, electrical machinery, audio equipment, scientific instruments, machinery and other industries.Learn more. 


Sheet Metal Machining
Product Name: sheet metal machining Processing: laser cutting and bending Mate
automotive lighting
Product Name: transparent prototype machining Processing: CNC machining M
Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity
Product Name:Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity Processing: Vacuum Casting Mate
CNC Aluminum Machining Parts
Material: Aluminum alloyProcessing : CNC Aluminum machiningPost Finish: remov