CNC Plastic Prototyping


CNC Plastic Prototype

CNC plastic prototyping commonly used CNC processing or 3D printing produce, we can use more than 30 kinds of different materials to manufacture high-quality CNC plastic prototype parts, using 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis CNC processing method to create high performance engineering plastics prototypes and precision processing.Our experience in prototype industry enables us to customize your CNC plastic parts according to your 3D data.

At Besten we can providing CNC plastic prototype manufacturing service from different material for you to test your concept models ,visual presentation prototypes or verify your design engineer works .we are allow almost all the plastic materials such as :
ABS   PMMA   POM  PC  PA   PP  PBT  PPS  PE etc.


Appearance Plastic Prototype

The appearance plastic prototype is a solid prototype without function and it is machined according to the 3D drawing provided by the customer, which is used to verify the appearance size and process effect.After verification, it can be used for pre-exhibition or sample testing.

Appearance plastic prototype usually have high requirements for surface treatment and care about the appearance effect, it can be more than 90% similar to real product both in the size and appearance which can help to quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and improve accordingly and at the same time provide sufficient basis for product design and mass production.helps you to see the appearance of the product effect in advance during your projects research and development step and reduce great costs and risks for your product development.

Functional Plastic Prototype


Functional prototype is the most common processing in plastic prototype, mainly for verifying product design and product structure before large quantity production.In addition, it is the most easy way to evaluate the design and materials, such as the strength of the material used to determine whether the material is optimal and after assemble to know the design problem.Therefore, structural function parts usually have high requirements for tolerances and assembly.
For the material,after using different kinds of engineering materials to achieve the mechanical function and checking the chemical resistance and thermal properties advance the large quantity production .
For the assembly, through assemble complex parts to check the shape and suitability of the components and ensure the accuracy of the pre-assembled parts .

Make high-precision functional prototypes to measure, compare or check design errors, dimensional differences and acceptable tolerances.

Functional optical prototyping supports engineering testing of optical development, including optical transmission and refractive index.

CNC Plastic Prototyping Materials Reference

It has good impact resistance, strength, toughness, and temperature resistance. It is more convenient to disassemble and process. It is easy to glue. Many types of prototype models require ABS.
 Good strength, toughness, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and good insulation. The material itself is translucent. It can also be dyed and sprayed. Transparent or translucent prototypes are the first choice.
It is used to make soft rubber hand board models more, and it is more used in fields such as silica gel button remote control. It can be made with a hardness of 30-90 degrees.
It is an amorphous polymer, commonly known as plexiglass, with better transparency, better transparency than PC materials, and excellent heat resistance.
 high hardness, smooth surface, high density, very wear-resistant, very suitable for making some gear prototype models.
 PP material is relatively light, has good elasticity, temperature resistance is about 100 degrees, and is used for low-pressure infusion. It is mainly used for large-scale auto parts front and rear bumper center consoles or shells in the medical industry.
 Scientific name: PA. Nylon has high strength and good wear resistance. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to glue. Large prototypes generally do not choose this material because they cannot be removed.

Sheet Metal Machining
Product Name: sheet metal machining Processing: laser cutting and bending Mate
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Product Name: transparent prototype machining Processing: CNC machining M
Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity
Product Name:Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity Processing: Vacuum Casting Mate
CNC Aluminum Machining Parts
Material: Aluminum alloyProcessing : CNC Aluminum machiningPost Finish: remov