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With the wide application of metal parts, all kinds of metal processing parts are becoming the choice of many industries.With our years of processing experience, Besten has become an expert in this industry for aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, magnesium alloy and other alloy materials .

We specialize in the manufacture of non-standard precision metal parts with complex structures and are committed to providing customers with highly accurate parts.We continue to invest in new equipment and skilled staff to ensure that our team remains a strong competitive advantage.We are also constantly improving our aluminum processing processes to improve efficiency and quality and to meet the production needs of our customers.

Our goal is to "provide customers with the highest quality prototypes and service with the shortest delivery time and the most favorable price".We always attach 100% attentions to processing our customers' projects and choosing the best methods for designing and manufacturing prototypes to ensure that all products produced in our workshops ultimately and help our customers achieve maximum profit and market share.

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 Our core team members have more than 20 years experience in CNC machining.

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 Average speaking, clients can get quotes within 12 hours.

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 You may be got quotes of low prices with fake material, but we promise to NEVER use fake material.

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 Fast production rapidly transportation by our cooperated logistics companies with competitive cost.

Metal CNC machining can using a wide range of materials and widly be made prototype concept models ,visual presentation prototypes ,function and working prototoypes and design engineering verification etc.bestencnc

Metal CNC machining Common Used Materials

  • aluminum 6061/6063/6082/7075/2024/5052, etc
  • Stainless steel 316/304
  • Red copper, red copper
  • Magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, zinc alloy

Metal CNC machining Common Used Post Finish

  • Bead blasting :The part surface is left with a smooth, matte appearance. 
  • Anodized (Type II Or Type III)
  • Powder Coat
  • Painting 
  • zin plating
  • tin-plaiting 

Small Batch In Metal Manufacturing 

Our small batch manufacturing service can provide you with a customized service in quantities of 1-10,000 pieces so that you can bring your products to market.
Advantages of small batch manufacturing:
• Shelf between a few prototypes and full production
• Cost reduction, no minimum order value
• Provide fast access to emerging markets
• Faster response to shorter product life cycles
• Allows for faster design changes
• Reduce financial risk

Sheet Metal Production In Metal Machining bestencnc
The main working procedure of sheet metal machining included shearing, bending, bend molding, welding, riveting and so on.Sheet metal parts are thin plate parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means,that means the thickness keep the same during all the processing in all surface.different from the casting parts, forging parts, machining parts etc.

Selection of materials:
Sheet metal processing materials commonly used are cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled sheet (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC, SGCC), copper (CU) brass, red copper, beryllium copper, aluminum (6061, 5052, 1010, 1060, 6063, hard aluminum, etc.), stainless steel (mirror, drawing surface, fog surface), according to parts application and budget to select related material .
1.Cold rolled sheet SPCC, mainly used in electroplating and paint parts, low cost, easy to form, material thickness ≤3.2mm.
2.Hot rolled plate SHCC, material T≥3.0mm, also used electroplating, paint parts, low cost, but difficult to form, mainly used flat parts.

3.Galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC.SECC electrolytic plate N material, P material, N material no need surface treatment, high cost, P material for spraying parts.
4.Copper;Mainly with conductive materials, its surface treatment is nickel plating, chromium plating, or no treatment, high cost.
5.Aluminum plate;General surface chromate (J11-A), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver plating, nickel plating.
6.Stainless steel;Mainly used without any surface treatment, high cost.

Sheet Metal Machining
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Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity
Product Name:Vacuum Casting For Small Quantity Processing: Vacuum Casting Mate
CNC Aluminum Machining Parts
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