Transparent Parts Prototype

Transparent Parts Prototype

Product name: transparent parts prototype

Prototype level: precision prototype

Prototype color: fully transparent

Machining accuracy: 0.05mm

Processing method: CNC machining

Surface treatment: hand polished

Processing time: 5-7 days


Many product design developments benefit from the use of transparent prototypes for optical functionality.For example, lamp masks, light guides for automotive lighting, or external components of products, display components, etc. To view the inside of a product, or improving the aesthetics of the exterior. The production of transparent prototypes or optical samples usually refers to the processing and post-processing of transparent acrylic PMMA and transparent PC materials, which are selected for most prototype applications to obtain a transparent mirror effect.


Besten provides a series of solutions for custom transparent prototype and optical prototype production to meet your functionalor aesthetics needs, including CNC machining, vacuum casting and rapid mold injection technologies. We have the expertise required for flawless processing of clear plastics, as well as highly skilled polishing techniques to achieve optical clarity of clear parts. Our uncompromising and extreme approach to work allows us to fully support the development of transparent prototypes and optical prototypes.