Disinfection Robot Prototype
Disinfection Robot Prototype
Disinfection Robot Prototype
Disinfection Robot Prototype

Disinfection Robot Prototype

Category: Robot Prototype

Product Name: Disinfection Robot Prototype

Processing method: CNC machining

Material: Plastic ABS

Surface treatment: deburring, painting, UV, silk screen printing

Processing cycle: 3-7 seven working days

Testing standard: customers provide 3D drawings

Data format: STP/IGS/X.T/PRO

Product features: environmentally friendly ABS material plastic prototype,high production precision, UV appearance, bright luster, novel and unique design, beautiful appearance.


robot prototype

The disinfection robot prototype is a disinfection robot shell specially customized for a large medical device company. The machine is mainly used for disinfection in public places. It integrates multiple disinfection modes, has autonomous navigation technology and moves autonomously. Set the disinfection mode according to different scenarios and requirements, fully intelligent operation, separation of man and machine, to ensure the safety of personnel. Meet the needs of automatic, timed, efficient and accurate disinfection and epidemic prevention in indoor environments with many rooms or complex layouts.
The shell of the disinfection robot prototype is made of environmentally friendly abs material (in line with medical standards), processed by high-precision cnc machines, and the surface is polished, sprayed with oil, UV and other processes. The machining accuracy is as high as 0.02mm, the appearance is smooth and bright, the design is free of edges and corners, and the appearance is simple and elegant.

At Besten ,we are support small batch customization for medical industries prototype, 1 piece minimum order. 20 minutes fast quotation, 1 day prototyping, 3-7 days fast shipping.

robot prototype robot prototype