Massager Prototype CNC Machining
Massager Prototype CNC Machining
Massager Prototype CNC Machining
Massager Prototype CNC Machining

Massager Prototype CNC Machining

Massager prototype CNC machining

Processing material: ABS, PMMA, silicone, PC
Processing method: CNC machining, surface finishing, sanding smooth, painting
Surface treatment: frosted surface and painted
Product Description: This is one of the medical prototypes we have made, a massager prototype.

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Steps of massager prototyping:


Programming: programmers analyze 3D data and write programming languages that to control CNC machining centers.

CNC machining: the knife of the CNC machine tool cuts the material follow the path set by the programmer.

Trial assembly:assemble the various parts of the plastic prototype model according to the 3D data,during this processing to find assembly problems and feedback,modify accordingly as per customer confirmed if necessary.

Painting: After a part is processed by a CNC machine tool, there will be many burrs and tool marks on its surface which cannot be reduced by CNC tools.Therefore, it is necessary to deal with these problems manually. Usually, polishing paste is used for polishing, or sandpaper is used for polishing. First, rough sandpaper is used for rough grinding to remove the coarse burr on the surface, and then fine grinding is performed.

Oil painting: The CNC prototype can be painted according to the color pantone number provided by the customer, and it can be panted into matt or glossy.

Silk screen or laser carving: Many companies have their own brands, when making CNC prototype, the company's logo or model number needs to be printed on the CNC prototype. This requires silk screen or laser carving to meet.(check us more to know the difference of silk screen and laser carving)