Rice Cooker Prototype

Rice Cooker Prototype

Product Name: Rice Cooker Prototype

Processing Method: CNC Prototype

Level: Appearance Prototype

Color: White Processing

Model Type: Household Appliance Prototype


This is a rice cooker prototype, made of ABS material.


CNC machining: The cnc tools machined on the material according to the path set by the programmer, and remove the redundant part of the material, so as to obtain the appearance of the prototype model.

Manual processing: After the CNC prototype is processed by cnc, there are some burrs at the corners. It is necessary to clean the corners and trim the edges, cut off the tops, and then polish them with sandpaper.

Oil spraying: spray the color of the prototype samples that have been made according to the customer's requirements.

Silk screen printing: use the silk screen drawing provided by the customer to make a screen, and print the pattern on the CNC prototype.

Assembly: Assemble all the parts.