What processes can be used to process the silicone soft rubber model prototype?

2023-08-21 17:33:00

Silicone soft rubber model is used for prototype proofing in the development process of many products. Silicone soft rubber products are different from other hard plastics and cannot be processed by cnc machining. So what processes can silicone soft rubber model prototypes be used for? Woolen cloth? The following Besten 3D printing will introduce to you.


3D printing soft rubber


3D printing is a new production and processing method, which is different from traditional methods. At present, 3D printing can print soft rubber, but 3D printed soft rubber is not like the soft rubber processed by traditional methods, and can change color arbitrarily. And softness, the hardness and color of the 3D printed soft rubber cannot be adjusted, and the common one is white.

There are two main processes for 3D printing soft rubber, light curing and laser sintering. The hardness of light curing soft rubber is only 50 to 60 degrees. The mechanical properties are average, not very wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and have no elasticity. Testing the prototype of the soft product, the hardness of the laser-cured soft rubber is 90 degrees, with good wear resistance and elasticity, and its performance is closer to the traditional soft rubber.


S ilicone compound mold soft rubber


Silicone soft rubber processing is generally divided into 3 steps.

1. That is, first use 3D printing or CNC processing to make a prototype. (Generally, a prototype can be copied 15 to 20 times)

2. After the prototype is ready, cover the original model with liquid silicone, and after the silicone solidifies, a silicone model for lamination is formed.

3. After the silicone mold is ready, the next step is injection molding. It should be noted that the surrounding of the silicone mold must be sealed tightly, leaving only the nozzle. Inject the soft glue liquid from the nozzle, vacuumize, put the mold into the oven to bake, so that the silicone mold can be solidified and formed quickly, and finally the soft glue liquid can be taken out after the soft glue liquid cools down.

The soft rubber board is relatively soft, and the hardness is generally between 30 and 90 degrees. The more common soft rubber models include the soft rubber of the remote control button, the soft rubber of the telephone button and some soft rubber used in other places .

The above is the analysis of what processes can be used to process soft rubber besides silicone compound mold soft rubber introduced by Besten 3D printing service. I hope it can provide you with reference.

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