CNC Prototype Surface Treatment-Selection of Sandblasting

2023-01-03 14:47:00
In the processing industry of CNC prototype, sandblasting is a very common surface treatment process, such as: silicon mold sandblasting to remove mold knife lines, rust removal, and rust prevention; plastic mold factories to do fine etching;  sandblasting before anodizing  (to make the whole prototype more beautiful and durable); plastic sandblasting in the prototype factory quickly removes burrs, paint, and tool marks from milling on the prototype, etc.; Sandblasting is also used a lot in the process of making prototypes in Besten factory prototype. Next, I will use our experience and information integrated from the Internet to share some knowledge of sandblasting.

Sandblasting processing range: hardware rust removal, aluminum alloy sandblasting, glass sandblasting (matte effect), plastic sandblasting, acrylic sandblasting (matte effect), PC, PS surface treatment, resin surface treatment, Sand blasting of casting products, zinc alloy sand blasting (rough surface), stainless steel material sand blasting, stone material sand blasting, hardware paint removal, hardware welding scar removal, shot blasting, and other accessories surface treatment.

Acrylic sandblasting: If the customer requires very fog, generally spray glass sand, if the requirement is higher, white corundum can be used. If it is not very foggy and has a certain degree of transparency, glass beads must be used. Sometimes a little glass sand is added to the glass beads, so that the sprayed effect is a little bit transparent.

Stainless steel sandblasting: Generally, you need to know what kind of panel stainless steel is. There are alloy steel shots on the polished surface, what is alloy steel on the brushed surface, and the matte surface of the original plate. If roughness is required and there is no requirement for surface smoothness, you can choose Brown corundum and white corundum have special requirements and need to be smooth. Glass beads and glass sand are used.

Die-casting parts: Generally, low-alloy steel is used to remove burrs. Generally, shot blasting machines can be used for low-alloy steel. Shallow and small, steel grit is used to remove thick surface dirt, and steel balls and steel grit can generally be used in combination. If you want to make the sandblasted aluminum parts whiter and some high-alloy steel, you should consider using high-cost stainless steel shots and steel wire cut shots. If you want to save costs, consider casting steel balls and endless steel shots at a ratio of 8:2 The ratio is mixed and used. When sandblasting and shot blasting, the steel balls are cleaned once every time they work, and a few times of sandblasting and shot blasting can also achieve a relatively white effect.

PS: In fact, for the rust removal and sandblasting of steel structures, steel materials, and steel plates, you can use cheap sandblasting grade white corundum, pomegranate sand and other natural sand materials for sandblasting, which can also meet the required SA2 .5 grade, these sand materials are cheap high alloy steel, low cost and high cost performance.

Types of sand currently on the market:

Corundum, brown corundum sand, white corundum sand, black corundum sand, glass beads

Common sand specifications are:

30# 60# 80# 100# 120# 150# 180# 220# 320# (The larger the specification number, the finer the sand)

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