Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Process of Auto Lamp Prototype

2022-08-16 20:32:00

As far as the current situation of the rapid development of the auto industry and the rapid replacement of automobiles, auto parts prototypes are a type of prototype that has been done more, and these auto parts prototypes mainly include bumper prototypes, car lamp prototypes and car rear view mirrors prototypes, car key prototypes, car DVD panel prototypes, etc. Generally, companies will make a small number of prototypes for testing before developing new auto parts, and then mass-produce them. If you make injection model without making a prototype for testing, it is likely to cause irreparable losses.

Recently we finished a project for auto lamp prototypes. Let's introduce the production process of rapid prototyping of automotive lamp prototypes in detail.

1. Prototype: CNC machining, the lamp holder and reflector decorative parts are made of ABS or PC , and the lampshade material is PMMA.

CNC machining: mainly refers to the movement of the equipment according to the parts program. the knife on the cnc equipment moves on the material according to the path set by the program, and removes the excess part of the material. , so as to obtain the prototype model.

Sanding smooth: When the rear-view mirror prototype is finished, there will be more or less burrs on its surface, which need sandpaper for smoothing. When sanding, it is generally sanded with coarse sandpaper first, and then sanded with fine sandpaper.

2. Mold: Silicone mold.

3. Injection molding: vacuum injection molding, the lamp holder and reflector decorative parts are made of PU resin Hei-cast8150 (ABS-like material); the lampshade material is PU resin AXSON-PX521HT (transparent heat-resistant high-strength material)

4. Post-finish: painting\vacuum coating.

5. Quality checking: tooling fixture splicing, three-coordinate detection.

6. Precision control:

Prototype: main positioning hole ±0.3mm, general mounting hole ±0.5mm, other dimensions ±0.8mm.

Injection parts: main positioning hole ±0.5mm, general installation hole ±0.8mm, other dimensions ±1.2mm.

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