Common Problems In Aluminum Alloy Processing

2023-08-17 17:22:00

Frequently encountered problems in the processing of aluminum alloy parts:

  1. Aluminum parts cannot be deformed a little after being processed and formed, but suddenly deformed within one or two days after processing.
  2. Aluminum parts are used for mechanical structural parts, and the strength of aluminum parts is required to be stable and consistent, and will not break and deform at a certain point.
  3. When processing aluminum parts, "knife sticking" and "knives breaking", resulting in poor surface finish and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, resulting in a high scrap rate.
  4. One of the most troublesome things in the manufacturing process is that after completing most of the processing procedures, it is suddenly found that there are sand holes or unknown impurities on the final polishing surface, which makes the workpiece scrapped.


  1. The internal stress is completely eliminated by pre-stretching to eliminate internal stress, so the product will not warp, crack or deform during processing and stress.

  2. With heat treatment technology, the strength and hardness of the product can be kept consistent when the thickness (or diameter) is less than 300mm.

  3. Minimize the deviation of chemical composition, strength and hardness, and the phenomena of 'sticking' and 'breaking' will not occur during processing.

  4. Ultrasonic flaw detection process inspection of aluminum alloy products, no sand holes, horizontal lines, air bubbles and impurities.

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