Precision Prototype Is Often Used For New Product Development And Design

2022-07-25 21:19:00

The precision prototype is not only visible, but also touchable. It can directly reflect the artistic creativity of interior designers by the type of commodity, preventing the shortcoming of "beautiful drawing but badly looking". Therefore, cnc prototyping is indispensable in the process of new product development and design, and the repeated scrutiny of commodity design. Since the prototype is installable, it can provide direct feedback on whether the structure is effective and how difficult it is to assemble. It is beneficial to identify problems as early as possible and solve difficulties.

Because the cost of mold manufacturing is generally high, and the use of larger injection molds is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions, if unscientific structure or other problems are found in the process of mold manufacturing, the damage will be obvious. cnc prototyping can prevent such damage and reduce the risk of mold manufacturing. Due to the cutting-edge nature of cnc prototyping, you can use cnc prototyping for equipment promotion and planning before the mold is processed, and even in early market sales and production site management, to seize the market as soon as possible.

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