About the size and accuracy required for precision machining

2022-07-04 20:43:00

Precision, as a major advantage of CNC machining, is also the key difference from other rapid prototyping methods,such as 3D printing. Of course, behind the precision, technology, innovation, management and operation model are inseparable.

In CNC machining, precision is often quantified in the form of tolerances. The smaller the tolerance, the higher the precision, and the smaller the error of the machined parts. Of course, in actual precision machining, the parameters tend to change slightly according to different situations. As far as processing parts are concerned, as long as the accuracy reaches the required tolerance range, the function and quality of the parts can be guaranteed.

For some precision parts with higher requirements, it will test the strength of the prototyping company. Not all prototyping companies can reach a very precise level. Besten has nearly 10 years of CNC machining experience, and is on the way to reduce tolerances. With continuous efforts and innovation, the precision has reached a tolerance of 0.01 mm, and it has a good strength for processing all kinds of complex parts with high precision requirements.

For dimensional accuracy, it is controlled by its tolerance. The dimensional tolerance is the allowable variation in the cutting process. Similarly, the tolerance is inversely proportional to the dimensional accuracy. When the tolerance is reduced, the dimensional accuracy will be more precise.

Shape accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the actual graphics on the surface of the processed parts and the ideal graphics, including the straightness, flatness, and cylindricity of the parts.

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