How To Modify Your Design And Requirements To Save Your CNC Rapid Prototype Cost

2022-12-15 20:47:00

CNC machining is a kind of manufacturing method that makes parts by means of digital code. CNC machining has many advantages, for example, in the case of producing the same parts, it can improve the production speed of parts and reduce mass production time.It can also reduce human errors in the manufacturing process because it is controlled by a computer. CNC machining is also the first choice for precision and complex prototype machining.
3D printing is different from CNC machining because it is an additive manufacturing. For the production of plastics and low-quality materials, 3D printing is preferred. However, when you need to precisely cut products and need a large number of identical products, CNC machining is preferred over 3D printing.

CNC machining can use a variety of materials, such as metals, plastics and composites. The cost of CNC machining depends on different factors.

Today Besten will discuss the different factors that affect CNC processing cost. It will help you calculate CNC processing costs and provide skills to reduce costs.

1. CNC machine tool cost
Processing costs vary with the type of machine. There are mainly two types of machines used to manufacture CNC parts, namely 3-axis and multi axis machines.The cost of the machine also depends on various factors, such as the size and weight of the machine, speed, power, and machine configuration.
CNC milling is more expensive than other types of machining operations because it involves more complex parts. The processing cost increases with the increase of the number of milling machine shafts. For example, in the case of 5-axis machining, its cost is higher than that of 3-axis machine.

2. Processing time
The time required for the complete processing of any NC machining component also plays an important role in the calculation of NC processing cost. The longer the processing time is, the higher the processing cost will be, which will increase the basic setup cost.
Software such as CAM that requires a 3D CAD design model can provide an estimate of the time required to complete the project. Projects with high complexity require more time to complete.

3. Labor
Compared with manual processing, one of the advantages of NC processing is that it reduces the number of labor involved in manufacturing. The main cost of labor is experts who design 3D CAD design models for processing, which increases with the complexity of the required products.
Even if you need to make more parts, the cost is still the same, which will reduce the processing price of each part. However, the additional cost is the labor to operate the CNC machine tool, which increases with the increase of the time required to complete the part processing.
If parts are assembled, completed, and reprocessed manually, additional costs are added to labor costs. If the finished products are delivered to customers in different locations from the machinery factory, additional labor costs will also be added.

4. Shape complexity and size
The machining cost will also increase with the increase of the complexity of NC machining parts. Parts with higher complexity may require more process operations, different tools, and more production time.
Features such as sharp internal corners, deep cavities or thin-walled parts will increase the cost of CNC processing. The design with simple features is easy to manufacture and can also save manufacturing time.
Larger parts require more raw materials and time to manufacture, so their costs will be higher than small parts.

5. Material cost
When calculating CNC processing cost, material cost is also essential. The price of the final product manufactured by CNC machine tools depends on the type of materials required to manufacture the product.Because plastic materials are relatively cheap and have poor durability, the processing cost of plastic or aluminum materials is lower than that of stainless steel. In CNC machine tools, materials are removed from solid blocks to make 3D objects. Therefore, more raw materials will be needed than the final product.
Machinists purchase materials in the form of solid blocks and calculate the cost of each piece of product. The most commonly used metals in CNC machining are aluminum, stainless steel and brass.Due to the economical price and excellent processing performance of aluminum, most machinists use aluminum on CNC machine tools.Stainless steel and brass are less machinable than aluminum, so their costs are higher. Titanium alloy is the most expensive of all these metals, so the processing cost of this metal will be the highest, because it may require some special tools to manufacture parts.
As far as plastics are concerned, the price of most materials is relatively low, the cost of tools required is relatively low, and the processing time for nylon, Delrin, ABS and other plastics is also relatively short.

6. Surface treatment
For some products, surface treatment is required, which also causes the price of the final product to rise. In order to improve the aesthetics of the final product and remove any scratches produced during processing, you may need to provide a good finish, such as polishing.Other finishing processes may also includes such as coating, anodizing, painting, chrome plating, zinc plating, etc. Including any of these finishes will increase the additional cost of the final product price.

7. Mold cost
In some manufacturing situations, standard tools are useless, so customized tools are required, which will also increase the manufacturing cost of using CNC machine tools.

8. Tolerances
When manufacturing products with strict tolerances, the cost will also increase, because the manufacturing of parts with strict tolerances requires complex machines. Sometimes you may need to make holes or cavities with tight tolerances, which may produce burrs on the surface and will take more time to reduce it.

9. Quantity
The number of orders greatly affects the cost of the final product. It is true that the total cost will increase as the number of finished parts required increases, but the cost of each part will decrease.

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