How to make the prototype surface be glossy ?

2022-03-07 21:35:00

For all prototype parts are need surface treatment, no matter machined parts,vacuum casting parts or SAL/SLS parts .to achieve a good surface ,you may need painting,sanding blasting, polishing, and printing mainly for plastic prototypes,or laser engraving, anodizing, powder coating, metal plating, vacuum metalizing, chromate, chemical finishing, passivation, heat treatments, etc. Mainly for your metal this article we will discuss one widely used surface treatment-glossy treatment which can make the parts more beautiful.

Glossy surface treatment is simply through some process to make the surface of the prototype more bright.Whether plastic or metal prototype both can achieve the effect of highlighting, but different materials used different processing.

Generally, to achieve the highlight effect, the appearance is more bright, exquisite and good-looking,it usually be used for a exhibition.

For ABS materials, only grinding and polishing is required to achieve the effect of highlights.For 3D printing printed resin materials prototype, to achieve high gloss effect will have to spray light oil, not UV, once after ultraviolet radiation, it will easy to deformation. And other materials of plastic prototypes, such as PC, acrylic(PMMA), if they want to achieve the effect of high light must first spray oil, and then UV.

In addition, electroplating and water plating can also highlight the effect, electroplating and water plating principle is basically the same, both are plated a layer of alloy on the outside surface , so that the surface of the prototype become more beautiful.

glossy surface

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