What is five-axis machining and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

2022-06-08 11:47:00

What is an axis?

An axis is a mechanical part that rotates or moves a workpiece or tool. Among them, the spindle brings the workpiece or the tool to rotate, and the feed axis is responsible for the displacement of the workpiece and the tool.

The most common is the three-axis CNC machining, X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, which can realize the movement of up and down, left and right, and front and back.

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of machining complex shapes and reducing machining time, multi-axis cnc machining have developed rapidly, such as five-axis cnc machining. It adds two rotation axes, namely the B axis and the C axis, on the basis of the three linear axes.

2.What are the advantages of 5-axis cnc machining?

01.Five-axis cnc machining can process smooth surfaces and complex shapes

When machining smooth surfaces and complex shapes, rotational and tilting motions are required, and five-axis cnc machining linkage can be implemented quickly.

02. Fewer installations

In three-axis cnc machining, workpieces, tools and fixtures need to be re-installed when the surface to be machined changes. In five-axis cnc machining, rotation and tilting movements are added, enabling continuous machining without changing the machining surface.

03. Stable precision and quality

Changes in the installation of workpieces, fixtures or tools can cause deviations from previously machined positions, affecting accuracy and causing variability. Five-axis cnc machining greatly reduces the number of installation changes, so the risk of impact and variation is also reduced.

04. Fewer tools and fixtures

In three-axis cnc machining, some parts that need to be machined with long tools or special tools can often be processed with ordinary tools by rotating and tilting in five-axis machining. In particular, the protrusion of the tool can be minimized, resulting in more stable machining.

3. Disadvantages of 5-axis cnc machining

Higher cost due to increased number of 5-axis dedicated CNC system options. Machining programs and controls become more complex. Programming and control are more difficult when machining complex geometries and continuous machining.

4.Want to learn more? (What is 5-axis Machining?)

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