Choose the best prototype manufacturing methods and prototyping company

2022-06-27 19:46:00

The purpose of prototype manufacturing is to verify the research and development of new products, including checking whether the appearance, assembly difficulty, and structure of the product are reasonable. 
The prototyping company will choose the appropriate prototype manufacturing method according to the customer's prototype needs. The selection of materials is also very important when making prototypes.CNC plastic prototype or metal prototype can be made, and the precision of CNC machining is relatively high. However, if the volume is relatively small and the structure is relatively complex, 3D printing is recommended. Small batch production may be a template for replicating some silicone, so the main advantage of such a vacuum casting is that the time is faster and the cost is lower.
Of course, prototype manufacturing can't just look at the price, but also consider the quality, delivery cycle, and after-sales service. Generally, a prototyping company with high-quality prototype manufacturing services will make reasonable and practical suggestions for you in terms of materials, processing technology, surface treatment or structural adjustment. 

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