Steps Of Besten Plastic Prototype CNC Machining

2022-12-14 21:32:00

Plastic prototype are generally processed by CNC machining or 3D printing. The CNC machining method is basically unchanged, but the processing method is different. The processes involved in the processing of plastic prototype include drawings design, programming, CNC machining/3D printing, polishing, assembly, painting, silk screen, etc. Besten prototype factory, a plastic prototype CNC machining factory, introduces the processing process of plastic prototype as follows:
Design drawings: Prototype drawings are generally made with AUTOCAD. Professional designers are required. In general, the format of plastic drawings is IGS/. STP/. STL/. PRT/. X-T, etc.
Programming: Programmers analyze 3D data and write a program language to control the CNC machining center.
CNC machining: execute the program command,it should be like this - the knife of the CNC machine tool carves on the plastic material back and forth according to the path set by the program, and removes the redundant part, so as to get the prototype of the plastic prototype.

Sanding smooth: After a part is processed by CNC machine tools, its surface will have many burrs and tool marks. These machines are unavoidable to avoiding. Therefore, it is necessary to handle these problems manually. Usually, polishing paste is used for polishing, or sandpaper is used for polishing. Attention should be paid to the problem when grinding. First, rough sandpaper is used for rough grinding. Remove the rough burrs on the surface and then polish the fine lines.

Painting: The plastic prototype can be painted according to the color code provided by the customer. It can be sprayed into matt or glossy.
Silk screen printing: many companies have their own brands, and they may need to print the company logo or product model number on the plastic prototype when making the plastic prototype then we can through silk screen to achieve.

Assembly: it is to assemble all parts of the plastic prototype, and then conduct data detection on the assembly problem after processing.

For more information on plastic prototype CNC machining, please continue to pay attention to the website of Besten prototype.

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