Digital Camera Model CNC Prototype

2023-03-09 13:58:00

When it comes to camera models, compared with real camera products, the effects or structural functions of samples made by different prototype factories are far different. Besten professional prototype factory has very rich production experience in the production of such SLR or digital camera models, and can quickly and delicately complete the prototype production of the appearance or structure of the camera.

For the production of the camera model this time, Besten has successively produced the structural camera prototype and the exterior camera prototype. The structural camera model must first meet the precision requirements of the internal structure size and assembly function, and at the same time achieve the exquisite appearance effect. It is required that the prototype factory must not deform within the tolerance range of the assembly size that the product needs to achieve during the processing of product parts, including the thickness of the paint layer of the internal primer and exterior paint, which cannot affect the assembly effect of the product. The appearance camera model is mainly used to verify the appearance of the prototype, such as electroplating, oxidation, wire drawing, drilling and cutting, multiple molding, silk screen printing, batching, corrosion and other manufacturing processes. At the same time, the lines and gaps of the appearance should be uniform and original.

Besten Prototype Model Factory is committed to providing users with cost-saving, cycle-shortening verification and trial-manufacturing solutions for the design and development of new products for users. It can produce digital communications, electronic appliances, medical equipment, aircraft model military industry, automobile transportation, etc. Various types of CNC processing , Laser rapid prototyping, silicone film model.

Due to exquisite workmanship, timely delivery, high confidentiality, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, the company has won high praise and trust from domestic and foreign customers.

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