Car Lampe Prototype

Car Lampe Prototype

Product name: Car Lampe Prototype

Processing method: CNC machining

Product process: sanding smooth grinding and polishing

Material: acrylic(PMMA), ABS

Size: according to customer requirements

Color: according to customer requirements

Delivery date: 5 days


As cars are gradually integrated into the lives of ordinary people, some exquisite car lampe prototype has also entered the vision of car lovers, which has also become a highlight in the exhibition. Generally, these car lampe prototye do not need too many, so most customers will choose to find a prototype manufacturer to make them.


Just like a few days ago, the customer made this car lampe prototye in Besten, which was used to participate in the exhibition, so the customer's requirements in all aspects are relatively high. such as the surface ,the transparency and the assembly .The key is that the customer's delivery date is relatively urgent. However, Besten did not betray the customer's trust, finally helped our customer successfully took the car lampe prototype to the exhibition, and won the favor of many customers at the exhibition.